Welcome To The Church

The Leviticus Church of Richmond exists to release fire and reveal Christ. Whether this is your first time visiting our website or you have been coming to The Church for a while, we believe every individual has a unique purpose. We are here to do life and purpose with you!


What Should I Expect?

The Church is a church built on prayer and the Word of God revealed. This is the pattern of God: As we obey this, we fulfill our assignment to impact the City of Richmond. God has spoken concerning the establishment of the local church, God simply says to us “Release the Fire.” Fire is biblically symbolic to the presence/power of God and essence of the Holy Spirit. We also understand that fire is passion. It is hot, burning, consuming, blazing, lethal, shining, and powerful. God has called this local assembly to position itself inside the city, the heart of Richmond’s vicinity, and release fire that will change that atmosphere of the entire city from one of carnality to one of Godliness. This change will happen systematically by design as those that are Christ’s hear and obey God in their individual spheres of authority adherent to Biblical Principles. We set ourselves in position to be in place of encouragement and instruction so that these principles are taught and carried out effectively.